Supervision Testimonials

“Sue Lewis has been my supervisor for the past five years.  During that time she has always remained professional, offering all the conditions whilst meeting me with warmth and understanding. She often challenges and inspires my way of working.  In essence Sue offers me the depths of relationship that I want to find in supervision.   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” (supervisee)

“Sue has always worked with a very person centred approach and when working with me, offers me all the core conditions to explore how I can work with my clients in the best possible way. Sue will challenge me regularly and will without doubt direct my attention to any ethical factors or dilemmas that may need to be considered.”  (supervisee)

“I have learned a lot through your reflection and insight…I have been able to open my thoughts and look at them more clearly than ever before…You have enabled me to think clearly about the many levels of therapeutic work and I have always felt valued and understood by you” (supervisee)