Children and Young People

When children are faced with difficult events, their attempts to make sense of the situation can lead to them blaming themselves. They may try to protect others by keeping their feelings inside. Providing a child with space to explore their feelings in confidence can help them to feel less burdened and begin to free up communication with others.

I love experiencing the different ways that children can communicate.  Some like to use the play and art materials in my therapy room to “play out” emotions and rehearse experiences which worry them.

I have books we can look at together to help children begin to discuss and understand areas causing them difficulty (i.e. loss and bereavement, self-esteem or family change).

I do a lot of work with adolescents who are struggling to deal with life’s ups and downs at the same time as undergoing huge developmental changes, growing in independence and carving out their identity.

I have taught in primary schools for 12 years and have worked as a school counsellor since 1990 (working in both primary and secondary schools).    I am currently working 3 days a week as a counsellor a secondary school.