Confidentiality is an important aspect of the counselling process. The only person with whom I discuss counselling work is my counselling supervisor. This is to ensure good practice and is done in a way which does not allow individual clients to be identified.

As a member of the BACP, I work within their Ethical Framework. This can be viewed on the BACP website.

Any concerns about confidentiality can be discussed either before the first meeting or during the initial session.

There are some exceptional circumstances in which it may be necessary to break confidentiality. If it were clear that you were likely to do serious harm either to yourself or another person, I would need to tell someone, with or without your permission.

However, I would aim to discuss this with you before taking such action.

Privacy NoticeĀ 
I will use your contact details for the purposes of providing you with counselling. I may need contact you to let you know if I need to change an appointment time.
I keep notes relating to our work together. You have a right to access these notes and to ask for inaccuracies in the notes to be corrected. These are stored securely and will not be accessed by anyone other than myself, except in circumstances where disclosure is legally required or agreed with the client. The notes will be destroyed three years after our work together ends (or when you’re 21 if you’re under 18 at the time we work together).