How Can Counselling Help Me?

Being really listened to by someone who has no agenda other than to understand you can be a very powerful experience, helping you to understand yourself better, to see things more clearly and to find the resources you need to move on.  I work with people experiencing a wide range of difficulties, including those listed below.  My starting point is always to try to understand how you see your situation and how you would like things to be.

relationship difficulties                   self-esteem                           anxiety

childhood issues                                depression                             sexuality

coping with illness                             bereavement                        abuse

work-related issues                          and many more….

All that is required of you is a willingness to reflect on your experience and an openness to change. I use a Person Centred, non-directive approach in my work. We will work together on the difficulties you identify to find a way forward which feels right for you.

Contact me by telephone or email, to discuss your requirements or to arrange an introductory session.